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Dreamers often lie undercover
Biographical information
Home Atria (previously)

Earth (currently)

Relatives TBA
Occupation Undercover Member of The Trags
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Dora Madison Burge
Seasons 1
First Appearance Dreamers Often Lie
Last appearance Passion Lends Them Power

Zoe was an antagonist and a revealed to be Atrian and a member of The Trags in Dreamers Often Lie. She has had her markings removed and pretends to be a regular student at Marshall High School.

Zoe is a recurring chararacter on Star-Crossed portrayed by Dora Madison Burge .

Personal LifeEdit

Not much is known about her personal life. She seems to live alone though.


  • Zoe is very headstrong and committed to the Trags' cause. She displays a hostile attitude towards Drake because of his relationship with Taylor. She has no problem with taking life away, human or Atrian.


  • Freeing her father from The Crate
  • The Trags' cause


  • Vega: Leader
  • Father: Unnamed
  • Drake: Unlikely Ally/Enemy
  • Roman: Enemy
  • Taylor: Former Best Friend/Unknown Enemies



  • She presumably hails from the Vwasak, given her fighting skills.


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