On the last episode there were a few Draylor moments. The one at school with Cray-Cray Zoe we'll skip but the party scenes. OH!

Ok, so first, Taylor looked FLAWLESS in that spicy little red number. Now, to say that they wanted to be on each other would be an understatement. It if hadn't been for Zoe and the whole kidnapping Grayson plan, I'm pretty sure that they would have hooked up again. 

Now with that said, Drake and his new found goal of killing all humans is not thinking things all the way through. ALL humans means ALL humans. That means sweet, precious little babies, old people and Taylor. He likes her. He likes her likes her. He just need to take a step back and look at everything that's going to happen.

Alright, so when Taylor first got to the party and she burned Drake by walking right past him to talk to that waiter, I thought to myself, "OK, now he hurt you by walking out with Zoe now you've hurt him by ignoring him. No more hurting each other...just kiss." But alas, that didn't happened because he had to hurt her again because of...wait for it...Zoe the Cukoo Trag. 

I mean, yes, Zoe told her she wants nothing to do with Drake but when you keep leaving with him it doesn't look like that. Ok so no, Taylor doesn't know that when you leave you're out laying the seeds of war or that you think Drake is stupid. Ugh, it's just frustrating that the thing standing in the way of my ship is a crazy person and a deadly plan. I don't know how to handle it. If this were a triangle, like Roman/Emery/Grayson, then I would know what to do. Pick a boy and ship him with Emery until I was blue in the face (Romery FTW by the way).

But with Draylor, in order to ship them as hard as I want to, I have to deal with horrible consequences standing in the way. Instead of it being a person trying to break them up, it's the threat of Drake's death if Vega finds out about him and Taylor and oh yeah, genocide. 

It's exhausting but being a fangirl, I'm prepared to ship them through the Apocalypse. So, hold on to your seats, Draylians. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

-A Draylor Shipper

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