Sophia and Lukas
1x02 these violent delights have violent ends image 1
Nickname Sophas or Luphia
Status Close Friends, Strong Bond, One-sided Crush (Lukas' side)
First met These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
Portrayed by Brina Palencia and Titus Makin Jr.

Sophia and Lukas is a possible relationship/pairing on the CW show Star-Crossed. The relationship consists of Lukas and Sophia. It is hinted that Sophia and Lukas may have potential as a possible relationship/pairing


These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Sophia meets Lukas at the school carnival where she teases him on his animal balloon making skills. Lukas then shares his sympathies for Sophia's loss of her father, and that he is keeping her "family in [his] prayers." Sophia then expresses surprise at having remembered that humans "do that, pray". Lukas and Sophia share a laugh and then Lukas invites her to go play bumper cars with him.



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