Season 1, Episode 9
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Air date April 14, 2014
Written by Samantha Stratton
Directed by Zetna Fuentes
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What Storm Is This That Blows So
Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars is the ninth episode of Star-Crossed and overall the ninth episode of Season 1


WHO CAN ROMAN TRUST? - Roman argues with Emery about whether he can trust his uncle Castor. However, when Roman asks his uncle about the day their spaceship crashed, Castor’s reaction is far from what he expected. Meanwhile, Grayson tries to remember what happened the night he blacked out, and Taylor throws a “meteor shower” party to spend more time with Drake. Still unable to deny her feelings for Roman, Teri makes a decision that puts her in grave danger.

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Sophia commending Grayson's drawing skills for Taylor's party.

The episode begins with a view of a 'tablet' screen, with the image of three people (in swimsuits) sitting by a hot-tub outside; while the sky rains down with meteors for the upcoming meteor shower day. The camera pans out to reveal Grayson creating the invitations for Taylor's meteor shower party, under the stars. Sophia comes up behind Grayson and asks whether he drew out those invitations as they look really amazing and she never knew that Grayson was so talented in the art department. Grayson thanks her and tells her that they are for Taylor's party and how she will use anything as an excuse to throw a party - to which Taylor appears just in time to hear. She tells them that the next time there is a meteor shower, they will be 'old and shrivelled,' but Sophia counters her by saying that she could never be shrivelled. It is obvious

Taylor, Grayson and Sophia at the Bug. They have all developed a close friendship.

that Taylor and Sophia have become closer as friends, since they are easy and comfortable talking to each other about various aspects of life. The conversation turns to Drake and Grayson questions Sophia about where he is, because he is still; definitely suspicious about the events of the Charity Ball. Sophia says that she will try to wrangle all the Atrian Seven to the party, especially her brother as he could use a little adventure in his own life. 

Roman and Emery are huddled together in Emery's car, in the middle of nowhere and Roman continues to replay the flight-recorder device in his mind after Emery's revelation that Castor shot down the pilot. He

Roman, trying to decide the best way to act.

comes out of the recorded piece with a startling gasp, he is breathless and tells Emery that he is far from being okay but no matter how many times he replays the video footage, he still cannot comprehend that Castor would do something so bad. It is clear that Emery and Roman have chosen sides and declared who they believe to be the innocent and who they believe to be the murderer and the person who brought all this down on them. Emery thinks that Castor is guilty but Roman believes there is more to the story. Roman decides that he needs to talk to Castor, as he has done everything to gain his

Roman and Emery kiss passionately in her car.

trust and he needs to know why - Emery tells him not to go 'barrelling' into the sector and getting himself into trouble, to which Roman says that he is the picture of stealth. They kiss, before moving apart and Emery says that she thought the only thing they'd need to worry about was keeping their relationship a secret. Roman tells her that nothing has changed and nothing will change as he is happy he has someone that he can trust completely and it is still about the two of them. They kiss passionately. 


Soroya telling Drake that people were coming after her.

In the Sector, Drake and his mother - Soroya are purusing through the market-place like area and Drake comments that it must be strange for her to be back and seeing how different everything is. He says that one of his first memories of market-place was with her, when she taught him how to barter different products and gain various items that may hold value. Soroya is however, behaving weirdly as she continues to look around and listen to the conversations of what other people are saying instead of listening to Drake - she tells him that 'they' are coming for her.

In a different part of the Sector, Roman is listening to the aftermath of his confrontation with Castor. He tells Roman that whatever he saw on the flight-recorder was true and always will be true and that he has lived the secret for ten years. Castor reveals that the truth about their ship crashing had nothing to do with pilot error, it was because he was trying to stop mutiny. Nox had apparently 


Castor telling Roman the whole story.

ordered them not to land on an inhabited planet, to which the pilot and the co-pilot - Soroya did not like a disobeyed his orders. He says that he had to act in the best way possible and only shot the pilot because there was no other way, the ship crashed because Soroya lost control of it due to her fight with Castor on board. Roman asks why Castor lied the whole time to which he replies that he was only trying to protect their people. He says they must trust each other, in order to defeat the real enemy - The Trags. Back in the market area, people are talking about Soroya being the woman who crashed the ship and Drake tells his mother not to listen to them. Soroya locks eye contact with a man nearby and immediately becomes frightened and tells Drake that they are sending the assassins to kill them, before running away into the crowd. Soroya sees Castor and Roman talking and backs away slightly, only to have Drake catch up with her and ask her what's wrong. They leave after Soroya says that it is no longer safe for them to be out and about in the open. 

At school in the cafeteria, Roman tells Emery that it was Soroya who caused the ship to crash - even though he had always heard the stories

Roman and Emery arguing in the cafeteria.

about her crashing it, he had never chosen to believe them until now - as he knows the whole story. Emery is still disbelieving towards Castor's story and asks Roman whether he believes him, to which Roman says he owned up to the truth right away when he asked. They start arguing assertively with each other about who to believe and who to trust, but Roman is confident that Castor is telling the truth. Emery says she won't get involved because Roman's right - Castor is family but she still thinks that he should listen to Soroya's side of the story before doing anything rash. Roman tells her that there are still things that she can never understand about his world and his people. 

In the locker room at school, Drake and Taylor are together. They make-out whilst removing each other's clothes and end up having sex in the locker room together, despite their race difference; they hold a special connection, just like Roman and Emery. They talk briefly about what they

Drake and Taylor making out.

did, before Taylor changes the topic to her meteor shower party and asks whether Drake is coming to her party, or not. Drake tells her that he cannot make it, because he has a 'thing,' to which Taylor seems pissed off as she was really hoping to have Drake there at the party. He tells her that there is something he has to keep an eye out for but Taylor hates his vague answers and they end up having a slightly fiery argument, to which Drake replies that his life, is his life. He tells her that he is sorry that he cannot make it and kisses her before leaving. 

At the end of the day, Grayson catches up with Drake and tells him that he saw what he did on the night of the Charity Ball. He accuses Drake of leaving him on the lawn of his parent's house to which Drake replies that he was 'black-out' drunk and tried to drive away in Zoe's car, but he and Roman managed to stop him before he went too far. Grayson asks why Drake would even help him but Drake answers that he was returning the favour, from when Grayson helped them out at the carnival. Grayson asks where Zoe is now and Drake replies with a 'how should I know?' and says that she drove away in her car and that was the last time they saw her.


Soroya attacks Roman.

Roman goes to Drake and Soroya's pod and is attacked by Soroya herself, who pins Roman to the ground and digs a blade-like object into the side of his neck. She tells him that she knows why he is here when Drake returns and pulls his mother off of Roman, who angrily gets up and tells himself that Soroya is the real enemy. Roman accuses her of mutiny but Soroya asks him where the flight recorder is, as she was the one who left it outside of his pod and Roman is left speechless and confused at who to believe. Soroya says that Castor was the one who caused the crash but Roman is disbelieving since she just attacked him but understands that it doesn't make sense for Soroya to leave the recorder outside his pod, if it meant proving her own guilt. Drake says he has heard enough and pushes Roman out of his pod, before pinning him to a wall outside and telling him that it is not okay for him to come to their pod and accuse his own mother of mutiny. Drake asks why Roman even trusts Castor to which he replies that Castor works hard to keep Trags like him on a shorter leash. Drake leaves, angry that Roman has betrayed their friendship. 

At school the next day, Emery enters and sees Roman at his locker; with a bandage on his neck from the cut that Soroya created with her blade. She is mortified and asks what happened, to which he says that it is not every day he gets attacked by his best friend's mother. Emery immediately apologizes, as it was her fault that Roman had gotten hurt but he brushes off her apology because she was right - he needed to hear her side of the story. They come to the conclusion that Soroya wasn't the one disobeying orders, it was Castor.

Roman, telling Emery that he doesn't want her to worry about anything.

Roman says he will need to talk to the tribal, council members and tell them what's been going on but Emery says that he shouldn't be doing anything alone as the situation has become more dangerous. Roman smiles and tells her that he will meet her at the Bug after he talks to the Hwatab and adds that the only thing Emery should be worrying about is finding the best place for them to watch the meteor shower together. He squeezes her hand, with a smile before walking away. 

In the Sector, Soroya is closing up all the curtains in her pod and telling Drake about the danger that they are in and how Castor is trying to expose her as the villain when really, he is the one everyone else should

Drake telling his mother that he will protect her.

be worried about. Drake tells her that he is not a child anymore and he will do everything he can to protect her. There is a banging on the door and Drake pulls out a knife and walks towards the door, only to open it and to reveal that it is Teri , who seems pissed off with the greeting that Drake gave her, with his knife outstretched towards her. Teri tells them that her mother - Vega asked her to summon them for her. 

At the Bug, Emery is helping Taylor get ready for the party by decorating cocktail glasses for her with colourful stars. Taylor seems stressed and out of breath that Emery asks whether she is really excited for this party as she is not really showing it. Taylor says she is very excited for the party and says that it is the event of the season and she is surprised why

Taylor explaining to Emery how she feels about Drake, though not telling her it is about him.

anyone wouldn't want to be there, mainly referring to Drake; though she doesn't say it out loud. She uses a pair of shoes in her definition of how she feels about Drake - namingly that Drake does not let her in and keeps resisting her. Emery tells her that she doesn't think you can get really close to anyone until they are completely honest with you. Taylor realizes that she is right, but Grayson comes up behind them and asks whether he can talk to Taylor. Emery turns around to see Grayson but looks away once Grayson ignores her as things are still awkward between them after the harsh break up. Taylor and Grayson walk off to talk in private and Taylor scolds him for being

Grayson, suspicious of what happened that night at the Charity Ball and Zoe.

mean to Emery as even though they broke up, she doesn't deserve to be treated in that way. Grayson asks her if she has heard from Zoe at all and Taylor says she has not, but mentions that Drake followed her up by saying that he tracked her down and found out that their family moved up north. Grayson says that something else might have been going on with Zoe and he needs Taylor's help to find out what went wrong, to which Taylor answers that she will help, though only for a few hours. 

Soroya and Drake head to Vega's secret hide-out to speak with her, accompanied by Teri. Vega tells her that is has been a long time and if Soroya had pledged herself to the Trags like she had asked her to, all those years ago; they could have prevented something like that from happening - meaning her being locked away for eight years. Soroya answers with a strong comeback, saying that she stopped listening to Vega the day she stopped being one of her closest friends and became a terrorist. It is then revealed that Drake is a member of the Trags much to Soroya's surprise. Vega tells her that she is only here because she managed to get her released from the Crate - Soroya is clearly shocked. Soroya is revealed to be one of the most

Vega, clearly unimpressed by Soroya's answer.

experienced engineers in the Sector and Vega wants to use her ability to create war against the humans - as they greatly outnumber the Atrians and the device she wants Soroya to build will toss the odds into their favour. The device is known as the Suvek and is considered extremely dangerous towards humans. Soroya tells her that there is no way she would even think of starting a war with the humans and there is no way she would even consider helping Vega. However, Vega counters by telling her that she can protect her and Drake from the enemies she knowingly has in the Sector. Soroya firmly says that she is not going to help Vega and leaves with Drake in tow. 


Roman and Sophia, talking about the party.

Sophia catches up with Roman in the crowds of the Sector and asks him whether he is coming to Taylor's meteor shower party. Roman tells her that he needs to see the Hwatab about something and Sophia is immediately suspicious and asks whether everything is okay. Roman tells her that everything is fine and that he will meet her at the party afterwards and Sophia answers with a smile and an 'okay' before walking off. Later in Drake's pod; his mother accuses him of not telling her about the Trags earlier to which he replies that he is no longer with them, he is only pretending to be with them. Drake says that he thought he could trust Vega because she and Soroya had once been close friends to which his mother counters by saying that Roman was his friend and people can turn quickly. Drake tells her that every decision he made up to date so far was for her and Soroya tells him that she raised him better than that to which Drake answers that she didn't raise him because she was never there and leaves, angrily slamming the door behind him. 

Roman enters the room in which he believed that the Hwatab would be, only to find Castor sitting at one of the empty tables. Castor asks what he's doing here, to which Roman answers that he came to find the tribal elders and lies that he wanted to warn them about Soroya and how she's a danger to the people around her. Roman decides to leave since the tribals aren't here but Castor says that isn't possible and tells some of the guards to lock the door. Roman asks where the Hwatab really are and Castor replies that he alerted them to something else, giving him and Roman the chance to speak alone. Castor asks him where the flight recorder is and Roman finally accuses him of crashing the ship and murdering the pilot as it was Soroya who
Roman trapped

Roman, trapped with Castor.

left the object for his father to see. Castor tells him that the Atrians needed to find an inhabitable planet or they were going to die and after a long time of searching, they stumbled upon Earth, but Nox told Castor that they must keep looking because Earth was already filled with intelligent life forms. He didn't want to risk conflict with the humans and wanted to keep searching, but there was no guarantee of finding another planet. Castor believed that Earth was their last hope but Roman's father did not, so Castor tried to convince the pilot to land on the planet but he wouldn't; which led to Castor shooting him and erupting a fight with Soroya which caused the ship to plummet onto Earth. Castor yells at Roman, telling him that he and all the other Atrians should be thanking him for what he did. Roman tells him that he won't win and Castor slaps him across the face, which causes everything to go into a stir and a gun is pointed at Roman. 

At the bug, Emery is looking everywhere for Roman, she is worried that he hasn't yet turned up. She walks

Emery telling Sophia that she is with Roman in a relationship.

up to Sophia and asks her if she has seen him anywhere but Sophia tells her that he went to see the Hwatab in the Sector but that seemed like hours ago. Emery resorts to her final straw and reveals to Sophia that she and Roman have been getting quite close the past couple of days and that they are now in a relationship, Sophia does not seem surprised at all and feigns sympathy that it is hard to keep their relationship  a secret. Emery says that it is impossible to find chances to be alone and asks Sophia for a huge favour to help her and Roman share some time together. 

Taylor and Grayson are waiting for the ferry by the docks, to get to the mainland by Grayson's house as it is surrounded by water. Grayson tells her that he remembers coming to the ferry the night at the Charity Ball and going through there. Taylor asks why Grayson is so focused on chasing back the events of that night, to which Grayson replies that he cannot shake off the feeling that something happened that night, something that he was missing. Taylor tells him that she believes Drake, not because of the fact that they sleep together, but the fact that on that night he chased up Zoe; he was believable, he made her feel happy that he looked out for her best friend and that is enough to be trustworthy. Moving on, at the sector, Sophia arrives back on board the bus and drops out of the vehicle and wanders over towards the guard, who

Emery sneaking into the Sector dressed as Sophia.

checks her in. She turns back around and tells the guard that she forgot her bag on the bus and turns back and runs to the back of the bus. Sophia takes off her hooded jacket and hands it to Emery who pulls it on and shades her face with the hood before grabbing a bag. Sophia wishes her good luck and Emery passes back through the guard and enters into the Sector. She witnesses Castor talking to one of the guards and gets the overwhelming sensation that something has happened to Roman. 

Roman is held captive by Castor and his men, pushed into a chair, he is held in place while Castor reveals what he's going to do with him. Castor tells him that he is the best hope that their people have and there are only so many options that Roman have against him to prove him wrong. Castor says that there is no point in
Castor EVIL

Castor, in all his evil glory as he threatens Roman.

trying to dominate the humans or trying to integrate and live alongside with them, as the only way is to live seperately from them. Castor tells him that he would be the obvious choice as leader since Roman, the heir to Nox will disappear. Roman asks whether Castor is going to kill him and Castor tells him that he will not, he will merely turn Roman into the SCU after he discovers him to be in possession of a dangerous weapon; which will get him sent to the Crate unless he chooses to hand over the flight recorder. Roman tries desperately to fight back but Castor is winning. 

At Drake and Soroya's pod, Teri is saying that they should have accepted Vega's offer - as Soroya is looking out the window and searching for any guards or suspicious behaviour. Teri tells them that her mother could protect them, but Drake tells her that his mother thinks anyone with anything to do with the Trags is worthless. Just then, there is a knock on the door and Drake answers, only to reveal Emery who bustles in and tells them that Roman is in trouble and is being held at the 'House of Cards.' Soroya tells

Teri, Emery, Drake and Soroya on saving Roman.

Drake that he cannot trust Emery and he cannot trust Roman, to which Drake answers that Roman is family and that he is not turning his back on him no matter what's going on between them. He gently touches Emery's shoulder and asks her to wait at the Pod till they come back and turns to leave but Soroya tells him that she will come as back-up. Soroya tells Emery to keep the flight recorder safe before leaving with her son, which leaves Teri and Emery in some sort of awkward silence. Emery asks Teri to help her be the back-up plan if the first plan backfires. 

Taylor and Grayson are still trying to bring back Grayson's memories of the night at the Charity Ball, by driving up and down the same road ten times. Grayson asks Taylor to pull over and he gets out of the car and walks over to a nearby spot and says that he remembers feeling scared about something and it was because of Drake. Taylor gets fed up and tells Grayson that she is done and that she has a party to get ready for and Grayson tells her to go and that he will be at the party later on.

Meanwhile, Castor keeps asking Roman for the flight recorder. He asks the big question, the flight recorder

Castor, pointing the gun at Roman, Drake and Soroya.

or the Crate? Roman does not answer and the guards drag him towards the door, they open it and discover that one of their guards have been knocked out, cold. Drake and Soroya fight themselves inside, punching and elbowing at every guard in sight and once they are all down, Roman ushers Soroya towards the door but Castor shoots with his gun. He tells Soroya it has been a while and aims the gun at the three of them. They are escorted out of the 'House of Cards,' and into the open where Emery and Teri witness Castor's evilness. Teri tells Emery that she will get them all killed but Emery is confident and tells Teri to remember the plan before stepping out of the shadows and into the light, where Castor sees her and tells her that the guards do not take lightly when humans enter the Sector without them being notified. Roman is surprised to see her and his face twists up in pain and anguish as the guards head over to
Emery confident

Emery, confident and ready to take on Castor and save Roman.

capture her, but Emery holds her head up high and tells Castor that she has the flight recorder and she has brought it into the Sector but she will only hand it over if Roman and the others are free to go. Roman's face shows pure emotion and it is obvious how much he loves Emery just then, from the look on his face you can tell how much he doesn't want to lose her. However, Castor tells Emery to take him to the flight recorder and now. 

Emery takes them back to Soroya and Drake's pod, only to find it empty. She tells them that she hid the flight recorder inside the pod. As they head inside, Vega and her gang appear with the flight recorder in her hands, she has obviously won this round. She tells Castor that she has seen what the flight recorder holds and that she was very surprised indeed to find out what Castor had really done. Emery and Teri exchange small smiles and Castor tells Vega that none of this concerns her, to which Vega replies that she has busines with his hostages and that Castor must let them go immediately. Castor releases the hostages and Vega hands him the device, before he leaves; he tells Roman that this is only the beginning and there will be more to come in the future. Vega tells Soroya that she will guarantee her family's safety for tonight, but when tomorrow comes; consider that deal over, unless she wants to agree to making the device for them once again. 

The meteor shower party is in full swing and Taylor is pretending to enjoy herself, although she is still holding out for Drake to arrive at the party. Sophia arrives at the party, wearing a black bikini and wanders

Sophia and Taylor at the meteor shower party.

over to talk to Taylor who invites her into the hot tub and shoos away the guys surrounding the water. They sink into the water together and Taylor drags on about how Drake isn't here, though she doesn't tell Sophia about Drake; she hints that something is missing from the party and Sophia somehow leans in and kisses Taylor in the midst of it all. Taylor tells her that she has tried the girl thing before but she is not a lesbian kind of girl and she kind of likes someone else. She apologizes to Sophia, who seems embarrassed as well as heart-broken. 

Back at the sector, Drake tells Roman to get Emery out of the sector, before one of the guards catches her roaming around. Roman asks Teri and Emery to give them a minute and he aplogizes to Drake about accusing his mother of mutiny and thanks him for coming to get him. Drake smiles and tells him that he

Roman apologizing to Drake.

should be thanking Emery as if it wasn't for her, they would all be going to the Crate and Roman nods, smiling that Drake is right. Emery turns to Teri at that moment and thanks her for her help with saving Roman, to which Teri answers that she did not do it for her, she did it for him; as she still has strong feelings towards him anyway. Emery asks Roman if it is time to leave but Roman tells her that he needs to show her something first. 

Grayson is still out, trying to discover the truth about what happened at the Charity Ball. He is standing near the place where Zoe's car flew off the road and tumbled down the side of it and into the ground below. As he touches the road, the memories come flying back to him and they come slowly; first revealing that Roman dragged him out of the car wreck and Drake having his hands around Zoe's neck before saying that they should kill her. He finally comes to the conclusion that Drake killed Zoe. Back at the party, Drake arrives and sits next to Taylor, once again his face is bruised and Taylor explains to him that she wants something more

Taylor and Drake reconcile together at the party.

than sex. Drake opens up to her about having his mother back in the Sector and how that it had taken a toll over him in spite of missing her for half his childhood. Taylor is grateful that he finally shared a part of him and then asks Drake whether he is a bad guy, based on everything that Grayson told her. Drake tells her that she is, but being with her makes him want to be a good guy. They kiss and watch the meteor shower together. 

Later on at the party, Grayson approaches Drake and tells him that he knows that he killed Zoe. Drake is taken aback and pretends that he has no idea what Grayson is talking about, thought Grayson can see through Drake's mask. He tells Drake that he hates it when there is something on the tip of his brain, just

Grayson talking to Drake about killing Zoe.

waiting to come out but he doesn't know what. Grayson reveals that he went back to the levi and began remembering the events of the night of the Charity Ball, Drake's arms around Zoe's neck and Roman dragging him out of the car. He remembers everything and Drake asks him what he wants, to which Grayson replies that he will let Drake know what he 'wants.' 

Roman has taken Emery to one of his secluded hide-outs, this time so high up that they can witness the meteor shower clearly. He tells Emery that he has been coming up
Roman and Emery1

Roman and Emery looking at the sky together.

there ever since he was a kid - everytime he wanted to get away, he would come up and imagine a world where everything was okay and there was no war, or violence. It was just him, finally feeling free. Emery asks him what he's going to do about Castor, since he has the flight recorder but Roman says it doesn't matter; he'll go to the Hwatab and tell them Soroya's story, he hopes that they will both believe him and support him through this time of need. Roman tells Emery that he was right about Castor and that he should have listened to her in the first place. He kisses

Roman and Emery kiss passionately under the stars.

her on the cheek before pulling back and telling her that he will never get used to putting her in danger but he knows that Emery is a huge part of his world and that they are better together than they are apart. They kiss passionately, several times. Once they pull away from each other, they look out to the sky where a screen pops and showcases the footage of them kissing each other; broadcasting the view to every Atrian in the Sector. Castor's voice rings out and he tells them that Roman has been hiding a relationship with a human girl and it is not safe to trust him as he is
Roman and Emery shocked

Roman and Emery are shocked that Castor would expose them so quickly.

probably hiding many other secrets. 

Teri is watching the video footage of Roman and Emery kissing and she feels small pricks of jealousy run up and down her body. She asks her mother why she didn't take out Castor's men and Vega answers, telling her daughter to be patient as they need Castor to be alive for now. Soroya appears behind them and she admits that there is no escaping Castor and his men in the Sector. She tells Vega that she will build the Suvek device for her, if she protects her and Drake against the assassins wanting them dead to which Vega gives her word to Soroya that they will be protected and taken care of. Once Soroya has left, Teri asks her mother what the Suvek is to which Vega replies ominously, that the Suvek is the only weapon they will need against the humans. The episode

Vega has yet another plan set in to destroy the humans.

ends with the two of them staring out into the sky together. 


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- "The next time that the meteor shower happens, we're going to be old, shrivelled and wearing mom jeans."    (Taylor telling Grayson and Sophia that her party will be a once in a lifetime chance to see something amazing.) 

- "Barrelling? Me? I'm the picture of stealth." (Roman telling Emery that she shouldn't worry about him, because he will figure something out.) 

- "And here I thought our biggest problem was hiding our relationship so the Trags and the Redhawks don't go ballistic." (Emery telling Roman about the many problems they have now, based on yesterday.) 

- "Nothing's changed. It's still you and me." (Roman telling Emery that nothing has changed between the two of them and nothing ever will.) 


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  • Antagonist: Castor
  • Emery and Roman's relationship get's revealed in The Sector in this episode
  • Soroya and Vega used to be great friends , as we learn in this episode.
  • Grayson knows what happened at the Charity Ball.

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  • This episode had about 0.76 million viewers in the USA
  • Julia didn't appear in this episode
  • Lukas didn't appear in this episode
    • This is the second episode in which two main characters are not present.

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