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Saul Weston
2014-02-22 12 36
Biographical information
Home Earth
Relatives N/A
Occupation Principal at Marshall High School
Status Alive
Portrayed by Randall Newsome
Seasons 1
First Appearance 'Pilot'
Last appearance 'Pilot'

Saul Weston is a recurring character in Star-Crossed. He is the principal of Marshall High School. He is portrayed by Randall Newsome.

Personal LifeEdit


Pilot: Saul is seen outside of Marshall High School talking to news reporters about the Atrians entering his school. He appears on a screen projection and explains to the students at Marshall High that the Atrians are considered students just like themselves.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Saul decides to call off the carnival due to Nox's death but later calls it back on. Saul goes to a meeting to decide whether or not the Atrians should be allowed to attend. He, along with all except one other, decide that they shouldn't attend.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Saul looks like in his late 30's or ealy 40's. He has a dark brown hair with brown eyes. Saul is usually seen wearing a business suit.




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Appearance on the showEdit

Saul Weston's Appearances
Season 1
Season 2
Season 2 has not aired yet

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