Red Hawks
Grayson red hawk
Biographical information
Representation Take down the Atrians
Planet Earth
Number of Red Hawks's N/A
Status Alive
Seasons 1
First Appearance These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
Last appearance N/A

 The Red Hawks are a group of anti-Atrian humans that are trying to remove the Atrians from society. They are known to be a terrorist group.

  Later on, Grayson creates the New Red Hawks, a group of people intent on finding out more information about the Atrian terrorist group, the Trags. Grayson stressed they would do this without resorting to violence.

Red Hawk AttributesEdit

  • The Red Hawks are typically shown protesting Atrians at places with media coverage
  • Grayson is said to be a Red Hawk, but secretly doesn't want to be involved with them at all
  • Eric is hateful toward the Atrians, but wouldn't do anything to seriously injure the Atrians.
  • Many of the more violent Red Hawks vandalize the homes and properties of Atrian supporters
  • They have been known to arrange attacks on the Atrians in secret



Known Red HawksEdit

Those that have passed on from the land of the living are denoted with a †.


They are possibly based or inspired by The KKK.


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