Biographical information
Home Atria (formerly)
Earth (currently)
Relatives Nox † (Husband)
Roman (Son)
Sophia (Daughter)
Castor (Brother)
Occupation Atrian
Status Alive
Portrayed by Susan Walters
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Last appearance Give Me a Torch

Maia is an adult female Atrian. She is a recurring character during Season 1.

Personal LifeEdit

She is the wife of Nox and the mother of Roman and Sophia.

As wife to Nox, she was not fond of the humans to begin with because they did enslave her people, but because her husband was so infatuated with integration of Humans and Atrians, she often stayed out of his ways when it came to his goals. She said in Pilot "you are here to learn not to make friends" when Sofia mentioned making friends with the humans. Maia's trust issues grew worse when Nox was killed by a human security guard who turned out to be Emery's father.

Pilot: She tells Sophia not to make any Human friends.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Maia approves of Castor becoming the leader after her husband's death. Maia later attends Nox's funeral.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Maia has shoulder-length brown hair with blue eyes. Like all Atrians, she has tattoos located on her neck and face.


  • Maia likes to not get involved with many things outside the sector and tries to lay low.
  • Hates humans especially Emery's father, who killed her husband, but respects Emery for saving Roman's life.



Relationships Edit


"You're there to learn. Not to make friends." -Maia's response to Sophia after she said she wanted to make friends with human kids.

Appearance on the showEdit

Maia's Appearances
Season 1
PilotThese Violent Delights Have Violent EndsAnd Left No Friendly DropAn Old Accustom'd Feast
Season 2
Season 2 has not aired yet


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