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All episodes are editied according to the model of Pilot. All pages for the upcoming episodes (as far as their title and airdate is known) are created already , so please don't create duplicates for them.

Contents :

  1. LayoutGuide Episode TableOfContents
    Summary : Here the official summary is posted. The summary either comes from the site of the CW , or other reliable sources. If you find a summary that is from another source you can message an admin with the link to the page. They will tell you if the source is reliable.
  2. Plot : Here a full recap of the episode is posted. This is done by members of the episode team. You can add additional information , but please do not remove any information.
  3. Cast :
    1. Main cast : The main cast are listed here. Only people who got credited can be put here. If a main character does not appear in the episode and not in the credits it will be placed under trivia. If a character gets credited but does not appear , add '(credit only)' to the name.
    2. Recurring cast : All cast members not mentioned above but an important part of the plot
    3. Guest Star : Actor with a one-time or short appearance are placed here.
  4. Music : Here any music from the episode and the promo are posted. When posting songs make sure to include an iTunes link.
  5. Quotes : Any remarkable quotes made in this episode can be listed here. The format for this is "Character" : "Quote" , preferably with the context of the conversation.
  6. Videos : Here you can find the promo and/or any interviews with the cast or crew regarding the episode. On 'premieres' (the first episodes of the season) the season preview will be posted here too.
  7. Gallery : The Gallery-template is inserted here. No other pictures are added directly to this page.
  8. Trivia : The trivia includes the antagonists of the episode , remarkable events (first time that...) , abbsences of main cast members and other trivia. Please keep this section free of general plotlines. Those belong in the plot, like the name suggests. Same goes for information from the promo.
    1. Episode title : In Season One , all episode titles are from Shakespeare's Romeo and Julia. The scene of the title will be put here
    2. Production Notes : Here the amount of viewers , filming dates and locations and other information regarding production will be posted
    3. Body Count : Here there will be an overview of all the deceased as of this episode. If there are no deceased this section can be removed
  9. External Links : Here all the sources should be posted that are not part on the list of accepted sources.

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