Julia and Roman
Nickname Joman
Status Close Friends
First met Pilot
Portrayed by Malese Jow and Matt Lanter

Julia and Roman is a friendship paring. They help each other out on many occasions. Julia is always willing to help Roman and believes she owes him because he saved her life. Roman saved Julia's life regardless of the consequences if anyone found out and because of Emery.


Pilot: When Emery and Julia sneak in the the Atrian sector to find some cyper for Julia's leukemia, a riot breaks out and a lockdown is ordered. Roman shows up and leads Julia and Emery to a roof. Julia tells him that they came for cyper and he shows them the garden that he built with his father and tells then to take as much as they want. Julia is saddened to learn that cyper is just a cooking herb. When Julia stars shivering from the cold, Roman lends her his sweatshirt to keep her warm. Later, Roman learns from Emery that something is wrong with Julia. Roman secretly follows Emery to the hospital and sees that Julia is in a coma. When Emery leaves the room, Roman infuses cyper into his bloodstream and injects it into Julia, curing her cancer and awakening her. While Emery and Julia hug, Roman watches from the shadows and quietly slips away.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: When Julia is talking about her night in the hospital, she tells Emery that she only remembers a dream about a "blue angel" that came into her room and cured her. At the Homecoming Carnival, Roman is walking through the crowd looking for Drake and Teri when Julia walks up to him and tries to have a conversation. Just before Roman walks away, she touches his arm which has blood on it and her arm briefly glows with blue streaks and disappears. Julia then realizes that Roman was the one who saved her life.

Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend: Julia finally gets Roman to admit he was the one who saved her life. Julia shows Roman that she is becoming an Atrian. He goes through many troubles to find a cure for her. He manages to find it and gives it to her. When it works, Julia is thrilled and thanks him.

And Left No Friendly Drop: Julia agrees to keep Nox's cellphone for Roman so he won't get into trouble for having restricted technology. She claims she owes him a lot for saving her life.


Roman: "You're shivering. Here."
(Roman gives Julia his shirt)
Julia: "Thanks. So chivalrous."
-- Pilot



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