Julia and Eric
Nickname Jeric
Status Friends, Dating, Like Each Other
First met Officially in To Seek A Foe
Portrayed by Malese Jow and Jesse Luken

Julia is one of the main characters in Star-Crossed and Eric is one of the many recurring characters through out the series. The two first began noticing each other in the sixth episode, Stabbed with a White Wench’s Black Eye and their acknowledgment of each other was further amplified in the seventh episode, To Seek A Foe


To Seek A Foe: Julia and Eric don't officially meet until To Seek A Foe when Eric offers to help Julia fix her car and Julia in exchange helps him with Trigonometry. In What Storm Is This That Blows So Contrary Julia Yeung goes up to Eric to talk to him only to hear him say some rude and mean comments about the Atrian's. He tries all day to find her and apologize, but doesn't get the chance till she is leaving. He quickly does and she responds by kissing him, to which he responds by kissing her back.



Official Julia and Eric TrademarksEdit



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