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Planet Earth
Number of Human's N/A
Status Alive
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Last appearance N/A

Humans are one of the original inhabitants of Earth. When the Atrians crash-landed on Earth the humans thought they were invading and waged war on the Atrians. Once the humans won the war, they forced the Atrians into a designated land residency called The Sector. No Atrians are allowed out of The Sector except for the Atrian Seven; consisting of RomanSophiaDrakeTeri, and three other unknown Atrians.  

Like the Atrians, humans also have a radical group, the Red Hawks. They are a group of terrorists who believe that the Atrians have ulterior motives as to why they are on Earth. They do not believe that they have just come here to live peacefully among the humans, they believe that they are here to colonize.  

Human Attributes/AbilitiesEdit

Humans are very similar to the Atrians. Some scientists believe that humans and Atrians have a common origin. Although, unlike Atrians, humans only possess one set of lungs, one heart, and no (natural) black markings. Humans heal slower than Atrians and can only breath in oxygen that is formed on land. 



Known HumansEdit

Those that have passed on from the land of the living are denoted with a †.


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