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Grayson Montrose
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Biographical information
Home Earth
Relatives Older Brother - Jed Montrose
Mrs. Montrose (Mother)
Mr. Montrose (Father)
Occupation Student at Marshall High School, Member of the Red Hawks (former)

Member of the Atrians 12 (current)

Status Unknown
Portrayed by Grey Damon
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Last appearance N/A

Grayson Montrose is a main character in Star-Crossed. Grayson is a human who is falling for Emery, and later Teri, but gets caught between sides in the war with the Atrians. He is portrayed by Grey Damon.

Personal Life


Pilot: Grayson takes an immediate interest in Emery and invites her to a party. Later, he flees the party after the Atrains and humans start to fight, leaving Emery to go with Roman.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Grayson tells Emery that he used to have an older brother who died on Arrival Day. Grayson helps Emery rescue Drake from a rebel human group. We later learn that Grayson use to be part of that rebel human group and that it's called the "Red Hawks". The streetlight shines on Grasyon's switch blade when he's in the car and we see an image of phi on it

Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend: Grayson gets a pat on the back by Drake for mourning and honoring his late brother's life because according to Drake, half of his tribe was lost and he seen wearing ribbon bracelets of the Atrians 12 to honor them. Grayson later helps Emery film the Arrival Day interview of Sophia. Emery finds out it was Grayson who save Sophia from being kill after red Hawks sabotages the interview when the public views it and she also finds out Grayson is a Werewolf, and his parents are part of a pack . Emery is supise at Grayson and tells him to join the Atrians pack forming the Atrians 12.

Physical Appearance

Grayson is a human that has curly, brown hair with light green eyes and a light skin color.





Main Relationship Page For Emery And Grayson

  • Emery (Ex-Girlfriend): 

Reason: Grayson found out Emery was cheating on him with Roman, and Emery has feelings for Roman and wants to be with him instead.


Appearance on the show

Grayson Montrose's Appearances
Season 1
PilotThese Violent Delights Have Violent EndsOur Toil Shall Strive to MendAnd Left No Friendly DropDreamers Often LieStabbed with a White Wench’s Black EyeTo Seek A FoeAn Old Accustom'd FeastSome Consequences Yet Hanging in the StarsWhat Storm Is This That Blows So ContraryGive Me a TorchThis Trick May Chance to Scathe YouPassion Lends Them Power
Season 2
Season 2 has not aired yet


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