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Biographical information
Home Earth
Relatives Unnamed Father
Occupation Student at Marshall High School
Status Alive
Portrayed by Jesse Luken
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Last appearance Passion Lends Them Power

Eric is a recurring character in Star-Crossed. Eric is a human who once had a negative view towards Atrians but now see a positive view on them, he joins, and later leaves the Red Hawks. His father's restaurant got taken down so the Sector could be built. He finds out he a skinwalker He has a romance with Julia.

Personal LifeEdit


Pilot: Eric says rude words to the Atrians when they first arrive. Eric flirts with Sophia and then he quickly turns flirting into fighting and Roman joins in, along with Eric's friend, Brock. The fight is stopped by soldiers. Later, a confrontation almost occurs between Eric and Roman, again, but this confrontation doesn't lead to fighting. Drake and Eric fight during a party in the woods at night, but the cops show up and they both flee.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: We learn that Eric's father used to own a restaurant but it was shut down because that's where the Sector was built. Eric is abducts along with Drake by the red hawk but they caught by Grayson and Emery.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Eric is a human with blue eyes, brown hair, and a light skin color. He is fairly tall, athletic and has a deep voice.


  • Eric was once aggressive towards the Atrians and was always seen in fights and/or confrontations with especially Drake .
  • After saving Sophia from the trags he is now a member of the Atrians 12.
  • He is no longer wants involved with the Red Hawks.
  • He is shown to have a caring side when he brings Lukas' family food.




  • "This ends tonight."-Eric to Drake before fighting alongside him in La'matan.
  • "You like talking to Emray there, Roman You think she pretty?"-Eric talking to Roman in Pilot.
  • "Do you have any bones in your body?"-Eric asking Roman if he has any bones in his body in Pilot.
  • "Is your dad is some big Atrian hot show? You are the leder here,Alpha-Eric calling Roman a Alpha in Pilot.
  • "You eat our food, wear our clothes, breathe our air, but you can't be bothered to pledge our flag?"-Eric asking Drake why he doesn't pledge the American flag in Pilot.
  • "You know for a nice sure don't kiss like one." -Eric to Julia after they kiss in What Storm Is This That Blows So Contrary

Appearance on the showEdit


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