Country United States of America
Population N/A
Ruler N/A
Type Bayou
First Appearance Dreamers Often Lie
Latest Appearance Dreamers Often Lie

Eljida was a supposed mythical safe haven for the Atrians that either escaped during Arrival Day or were able to escape The Sector. Atrian parents would tell stories of Eljida to their children. The only way to get to Eljida is by summoning Jesytur, the Gate Keeper. You must light 3 fires to summon him and he will take you to Eljida, which is located so deep in the bayou that not even an Atrian can swim there.

There is a path in the woods that only Atrians are able to see because of their ability to see further into the light spectrum than humans. If they follow that pathway, they will find a cabin with the letters J E S Y ' T U R lit up. There are 3 pits that must be lit to summon Jesytur.



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