Season 1, Episode 5
Air date March 17, 2014
Written by Marc Halsey
Directed by Michael Pressman
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And Left No Friendly Drop
Stabbed with a White Wench’s Black Eye
Dreamers Often Lie is the fifth episode of Star-Crossed and overall the fifth episode of Season 1


MAN ON A MISSION - When Gloria tells the Atrian Seven they are allowed to spend some time outside their sector, Roman sees it as an opportunity to further investigate his father’s mysterious past and makes a stunning discovery. Emery and Grayson go out on a date, but their night is ruined after Eric calls Grayson for help and ends up putting everyone in danger. Drake mistakes Taylor for an undercover Trag, and Lukas makes his move on Sophia. Meanwhile, Teri tries to take over Drake’s mission.


At school, on a brand new day; the Atrian seven and the humans are all told some unexpected news about the program itself - the Atrians will finally be able to step outside their sector and spend a few hours inside the town with the humans. Their are mixed reactions to this idea, Sophia and Emery being the two most ecstatic out of everyone.

After the announcement is made, Emery stays back in class; waiting for Grayson and unexpectedly talks to Roman, who surprisingly returns the conversation. Emery congratulates Roman on the development of the program, saying that things were moving forward for the better and he should be happy that his father's idea is finally being put to place. Roman thanks her, before shuffling off awkwardly at the sight of Grayson's return.

Once Roman has disappeared, Grayson returns with two tickets to a movie; saying that he's got everything planned including a bucket of popcorn with just himself and Emery. Emery seems more than happy, yet surprised at the amount of effort Grayson had put into their date. Meanwhile, Roman catches up to Lukas and asks him about his father's phone; which in return Lukas replies to that the signal had not turned up again since the previous day.

The episode cuts to a video of the Red Hawks gang, spray-painting disrespectful things about the Atrians. The camera zooms out from the television and reveals Gloria Garcia and her son, living inside of a small house alongside another woman. The young boy was previously revealed to be the son of 'Nox,' half-atrian and half-human. Gloria talks about a place called Eljida which is said to be a safe haven for the Atrians hidden in the Bayou. Although it is said to be a myth, Gloria places her trust and faith into the mystical place; knowing it would protect her son. However, she only needed an Atrian to help her find the place.

The scene moves to Grayson and Emery's date, the couple are still waiting in line for the movie, chatting about various aspects of life. Grayson leans into kiss Emery at one point, when his phone rings and interrupts the moment. He moves away from Emery and answers the phone, realizing that it was his friend Eric and that he had once again gotten himself into trouble. Grayson apologizes to Emery, saying that he had to pick up Eric but he would return. Emery agrees and says that she will wait inside for him.

Grayson slams the acceleration in his car and drags the vehicle out of an empty house, the same house where the Red Hawks graphitized things about the Atrians. However, Eric is not alone; he is also joined by two other members of the Red Hawks, both bulky and severely tattooed. The car comes to a stop and Eric and the two others dive out of the vehicle, before the police car can spot them, leaving Grayson in a compromising position.

The next day, Emery waits for Grayson at school; clearly worried after his inability to return to their date the previous night. She spots Eric and asks him where Grayson is, to which Eric responds that he was arrested last night. Emery is shocked and drills Eric for more answers, only to be given a vague "ask Grayson."

Roman and Lukas meet up once again, only this time; Lukas gives him some good news, saying that the signal had returned and it was coming from the upstairs building of the school. The two boys hurriedly run upstairs and find themselves in a store-room, where the signal only grows stronger. Eventually, Roman finds a note and another phone placed inside a random box in the store-room. He explains to Lukas about how Atrians have better vision than humans and despite the note being invisible, Roman reads it out. It turns out to be a poem of Eljida which Roman clues in could be an important idea his father left him. He vows to find the mystical haven.

Meanwhile, Drake is given a mission from the Trag leader - Teri's mother. He is said to meet with a Trag outside of the sector, in order to discuss the plans about cypher and use the plant to reek havoc on Earth. Drake agrees wholeheartedly, much to Teri's dismay about her mother not trusting her enough. Later on, the Atrians are taken into town and the view closes in on Taylor, talking to one of her friends about Drake. She says that she does not want just any guy, she wants something different and that Drake would be the difference in her life.


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  • In the episode, it is then shown that Gloria had an affair with Nox, Roman's father.
  • Eljida is introduced in this episode.
  • Sophia is revealed to have a romantic interest in Taylor.

Production NotesEdit

  • This episode had about 1.00 million viewers in USA.
  • This is the fist episode where Julia doesn't appear in.
  • It is the first episode in which a main character doesn't appear.

Episode TitleEdit

  • From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act 1 , scene 4  :
    • Romeo : And we mean well in going to this mask , But 'tis no wit to go.
    • Mercutio : Why may one ask ?
    • Romeo : I dreamt a dream tonight.
    • Mecutio : And so did I.
    • Romeo : Well, what was yours?
    • Mercutio : That dreamers often lie.


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