Chelsea Gilligan
Chelsea Gilligan
Downey California, USA
Birth date
October 10, 1989 (age 24)

Chelsea Gilligan is an actress, and model. She portrays Teri in Star-Crossed.

Personal LifeEdit

Chelsea Gilligan is an American actress. Gilligan was born in America and currently resides in California (possibly Los Angeles). Gilligan is an actress and model who first made her debut in Addicted by playing Molly. Chelsea Gilligan is a popular model who stars on Star-Crossed


Gilligan first made her debut in Addicted by playing the role of Molly. Later she was in Big Time Rush as one of the pageant girls. Gilligan also was the runner-up for Miss Teen USA and the winner for California Teen USA. After her fame Gilligan was spotted and is now playing Teri an Atrian in Star-Crossed.


  • 2013 Star-Crossed (Teri)
  • 2012 Savage 
  • 2011 How I Met Your Mother 
  • 2011 Victorious 
  • 2011 Friends with Benefits 
  • 2010 Glory Daze 
  • 2010 Big Time Rush
  • 2010 Addicted 


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