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Biographical information
Home Atria (Formerly)
Earth (Currently)
Relatives Nox † (Brother-in-Law)
Roman (Nephew)
Sophia (Niece)
Maia (Sister)
Occupation Atrian
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Johnathon Schaech
Seasons 1
First Appearance These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
Last appearance This Trick May Chance to Scathe You

Castor is a recurring character in Star-Crossed.

Personal LifeEdit

He is the brother of Nox and the uncle of Roman and Sophia.

He was one of the remaining Atrians to survive Arrival Day and immediately began to help his brother Nox in forming peace with humans.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Castor is appointed leader due to Nox's death. Even though Roman makes him temporarily leader, Roman still distrusts of Castor greatly. Castor makes a promise to try harder and not start fights. By the end of the episode, he is shown to have lived up to his promise. And Left No Friendly Drop: it is discovered that Castor knew why Nox had restricted technology and about the affair he had with Gloria. He seems to show no bother or keeping this secret even though he knows it will hurt his family, especially Maia. Due to keeping this secret it might become harder to trust him later in the season.


Initially being kind,peaceful and loving,Castor appeared to be a harmonious person. However, he starts to show his true colors in later episodes. Castor is a deceiving man who will do anything to make sure Atrians will survive. He was previously a Trag and has been able to attain their technology that he has used to convict other Atrians of owning and have sent them to the Crates. He even was willing to send his nephew, Roman, to the Crates because Roman was getting in the way of his plans for taking over the humans.


-Leading the Atrians and creating a sovereign nation.