Atrian Spaceship
Normal starcrossed103 01303
Country United States of America
Population N/A
Ruler N/A
Type Transportation
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend

The Atrian Spaceship is the spaceship that crashed into the earth on what is now called Arrival Day, September 17th, 2014. It is guarded by the humans and it is forbidden for any Atrian to enter.


After it's landing (Arrival Day) many Atrians were killed in the gunfire by the National Guard, who thought the Atrians were attacking them. Shortly after that, the spaceship became forbidden territory for any Atrian, and it still is.

In Pilot we see how Roman as a child hides and he watches other Atrians getting killed by the humans. He is then told to run as far as he could, away from the spaceship. He ends up in a shed in the backyard of Emery's house, suggesting the spaceship is not that far away from the Whitehill's residence.

In Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend we see Drake getting in the spaceship (after trespassing into the secured area) to get the cube for Vega and Teri following him. They take out one of the guards of the spaceship together.

In What Storm Is This That Blows So Contrary we see Teri sneak inside the ship, take out the guards, and then log into the ship's system to create a massive hurricane which the Trags use as a distraction.


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