Atrian Seven
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Biographical information
Representation Birth Marks/Tattoos on face, neck, and bodies
Planet Atria
Number of Atrian Seven's Seven
Status Alive
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Last appearance N/A

The Atrian Seven are a group of Atrians chosen to attend Marshall High School . They're part of an integration program to integrate Atrians in human society.


Roman 1Roman
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  • Unknown Girl
  • Unknown Boy
  • Unknown Boy

The Path to IntegrationEdit

In Pilot: Atrian Seven are allowed to attend Marshall High School. They got mixed reactions from the students there and the only proper acceptance comes between Emery and Roman after they remember their past. At the end of the episode they go to a party where things get a little out of hand.Emery comments that she may have just committed "social suicide" by running off with Roman after the party, a hint integration is a long way away for the Atrians.

In These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: The Atrian Seven are able to attend the Annual School Carnival after much deliberation by the board. The board only changed its decision after Emery convinced them with her speech where she sticks up for the Atrians. Just like in school, most of the people at the carnival are not happy with having the Atrians there. Taylor comments that the carnival will be a disaster thanks to the Atrians' arrival. The Trags do attempt to make this so by gunning to get rid of those closest to Ray Whitehall: his family, and firstly his daughter Emery. Some integration does occur however, with Sophia bonding with Lukas briefly when she spies him making balloons for the children.

In Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend: Human teenagers are allowed to be inside the sector for a day with the Atrian Seven, though under supervision by the Guards. Many Atrians are not happy. The Trags especially.

In And Left No Friendly Drop: Sophia is allowed to be on the school Swim Team, after a lot of persuading by Emery, but doesn't get to compete because of a fight involving the rival swim team. The Atrians unwillingly let her be on the team but aren't happy, especially after what happens once she does. She does, however, get to swim with the other members of her team at the end of the episode. They appear to be appreciative of her swimming skills but don't show it that well. 

In Dreamers Often Lie: Atrain Seven are allowed to roam the streets of the town for a whole day until 9:00 curfew.

In Stabbed with a White Wench’s Black Eye: TBA

In To Seek A Foe: TBA


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