Season 1, Episode 8
An old accustom'd feast
Air date April 7, 2014
Written by Brian Studler
Directed by Michael Zinberg
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To Seek A Foe
Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars
An Old Accustom'd Feast is the eighth episode of Star-Crossed and overall the eighth episode of Season 1


IN THIS FAMILY FORBIDDEN LOVE CAN BE DEADLY - Roman invites Emery inside the sector to celebrate Dinaskyu, an Atrian holiday that celebrates the family.Emery asks Sophia for tips on how to impress her mother. Vega tells Drake that with Zoe missing, they've tapped him to be their new undercover operative, which mean he'll be leaving town and getting his markings removed. When Roman goes to Vega and asks her to reconsider sending Drake away, she offers him a way out. Meanwhile, Eva approaches Julia with an offer. When Julia refuses, Eva takes her mission to a dangerous place. Finally Grayson confronts Emery about her feelings for Roman.

Full Recap Edit

The episode begins at Marshall High School, with the sound of a bell. Emery is walking through the corridors and turns a corner; only to bump into Roman's uncle - Castor and Gloria Garcia - the leader of the integration program. She smiles warmly at Castor and he responds with a smile, before saying that he is at their school to discuss Dinaskyu with their students. [Dinaskyu is a special holiday celebrated amongst all Atrians and it has more to do with family than anything else. It is related to Christmas and American Thanksgiving] Castor explains this to Emery as she asks what the event is all about. 

Gloria adds that for the first time, the "Atrian Seven" will be permitted to invite classmates into the sector; to celebrate alongside each other and also to add a big step into the integration program - Atrians and Humans enjoying themselves, all together. Castor hopes that Emery will be able to come to the Sector and hopefully someone will invite her to join the feast. Emery smiles and says she hopes so, but catches Roman on the other end of the hallway, smiling at her and beckoning her to join him in the janitor's closet. 

Emery excuses herself before heading in the direction of the janitor's closet, or the cleaning supply room. She wanders inside and calls Roman's name before taking a few steps forward and calling him once again - he doesn't respond, much to Emery's confused expression but jumps out from behind her and wraps his arms around her waist before pulling her against his chest. He asks if anyone saw her come inside, to which she responds no and the two kiss passionately before abruptly stopping at the sound of something clattering close by. Roman says that the sound is from next door and promises that it won't always be like this. 

Roman and Emery, in the supply closet.

Roman and Emery

Roman, surprising Emery from behind in the cleaning supply room.

Emery only teases him by saying she had always envisioned her 'forbidden romance' to be surrounded by many buckets of bleach. They kiss again before breaking apart and Emery tells him that she saw Castor in the hallway, just before coming into the supply room. Roman asks if he told her about Dinaskyu and she says that he did, but she could only come if one of the "Atrian Seven" invited her to join them. Roman smiles, teasing her and asks if she would do him the honor of attending a holiday feast that means absolutely nothing to her and Emery answers that she would love to. 

Though, Emery questions whether it is a good idea for her to come to the Sector; since the Trags hate all forms of 'race mixing.' Roman answers that the SCU will be making sure that security is tight around the Sector for the holiday and also that he and Castor will be taking a different approach to the Trags. Roman says that they have to make sure that every Human is safe when they set foot into the sector, especially Emery. 


Roman telling Emery that he will make sure she is safe.

Emery asks if he thinks there will ever be a day where they don't have to hide and Roman answers confidently, that he does and he will believe that forever. Emery comments that if the Trags don't burn her, eat her or skin her alive; the holiday would be a great success but Roman adds that there is one other thing to worry about - his mother. Maia does not support the fact that Humans should be allowed into the sector for Dinaskyu and especially not the daughter of Ray Whitehill, no matter how much Roman insists that this is a huge step forward for both their kinds. Emery is thoughtful and says that maybe she shouldn't come after all, to which Roman replies that that is not the Emery Whitehill that he knows and besides, he really wants her to be there. 

Outside, in the hallway; Julia is walking down when Eva Benton - one of the teachers at the school, who is experimenting with Cyper approaches her and asks whether Julia would be interested in helping her with an organic chemistry study, sort of like an internship. She answers that she would love to before Eva walks away saying she'll give her details after school. Julia then walks over to Emery and teases her about 'burning desire and forbidden love' with Roman and fitting them in the same time slot. Emery answers that being with Roman is amazing but it also has it's complications too, such as the one about meeting his mother and impressing her; despite the downfall between both their families. As they walk through the hallway, Emery and Julia pass Grayson who glances at Emery before walking away. Julia says that breaking up with Grayson will be like ripping off a band-aid and the sooner she did that, the sooner she could be with Roman, for real. Emery answers that she is meeting up with Grayson after school and that they will discuss their relationship then. 

In the cafeteria, Roman comes up behind Drake and asks if he knows what day it is. Drake answers that are the day where Roman invites him to spend Dinaskyu with his family and every year he turns down his offer so he can go into his pod and smoke. Roman says that this year is

Roman and Drake, after Drake agrees to come to the Dinaskyu.

different, he says that so much has happened - such as taking down 'psycho trag' Zoe and saving all of Edendale from deadly black cyper spores. Drake opens his mouth to say something but Roman cuts him off by asking him not to give him any crap about him not having a family anymore because he will always have them. They do their best friend handshake after Drake agrees to come. 

Later on, Roman is leaving school and is stopped by Gloria who asks for a moment to speak with him. She says that there will be some dignitaries visiting the Sector for the holiday and she was hoping Roman would do a round of photos with them as his speech on arrival day granted him publicity by making him the new face of the integration program. Roman answers with a curt 'no,' before heading towards his bus. However, Gloria tells Roman that this is what his father would have wanted - for them to work together and to trust each other, but Roman is too angry and disbelieving towards her affair with his father. Gloria says that her only agenda is making sure that the integration program worked and Roman answers that he will do what it takes to make sure that the integration program stays strong but as for trusting Gloria, he tells her not to hold her breath. 

The scene cuts to Emery telling Grayson that she is sorry about everything that happened but he says that he gets how hard it must be for her,
Grayson break up

Emery breaking up with Grayson.

to be in love with an Atrian. He says that he saw her and Roman at the hospital and many other places and he couldn't understand their connection, but he feels as though Emery played him or didn't even want to be with him; to which Emery answers that she really did want to be with him but her love for Roman wasn't diminished by her 'like' for Grayson. Emery says that she never meant to hurt him, but Grayson says that she already has and that he knows that it was her who told the reporter from earlier about his mother being the leader of the Red Hawks. He leaves, saying that everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie and that he would never believe her anyway. 

In the Sector, Roman and Castor approach the Trags to make amends and make sure that no one will be hurt on the day of the holiday - especially the humans. Roman says that Vega will need to guarantee the safety of the humans or that they will have to report the Trags to the SCU and end their plotting against all Humans. Vega says that Dinaskyu is about exchanging gifts and she does not take Castor and Roman's threats lightly but promises that she will do no harm to the Humans in exchange for something else before promising that they have her word. Once Castor and Roman have left, Vega tells Teri that there are bigger things on the horizon and that Drake will have to pay for Zoe's failure. 

Sophia explains to Emery that Dinaskyu was held during the 'fishing season' as the men left home for long periods of time and that left the women to stay at home and look after the house and the children. Today, they decorate tiny fishing nets for the kids and the women receive flowers as a token of appreciation towards all their hard work - the flowers are strung into necklaces or leis; however the Atrians call them 'Hisu.' Emery asks if she should bring flowers to her mother and Sophia answers quite jittery, saying that she would surely appreciate them. Though Emery is still really nervous about the whole meeting. 

In the Sector, Roman and Castor are wandering through the market-like area and Roman comments that he wishes he could turn them into the SCU, but Castor says that they do not want to make the Trags their enemy but they should do all they can to make sure that the Humans are not harmed in the cross-fire. A few little kids approach Castor with decorated fishing nets and hand him each one of their's, before running off quickly. Castor is pleased that everyone is finally accepting him as their new leader and Roman is finally happy that his father's death didn't break his species; it only solidified them into becoming a stronger community. 

The episode cuts again to Drake, in the marketplace; buying a 'Hisu' for Roman's mother, despite the shop assistant saying that his mother would be pleased with his gift. Vega approaches Drake just then and asks him what he thinks happened to Zoe, to which Drake answers that she disappeared because she got too attached to the humans and realized that they weren't so hateful after all. Vega asks if he would ever do this and Drake answers that he would never, because his loyalty is to the Trags and only the Trags. Vega is pleased with his answer and then tells him that she will be expecting him at her Dinaskyu gathering so he will find out his new assignment. Vega adds that he is the new operative outside of the Sector. 

At school, in the chemistry lab; Julia is talking to Eva when she points out a DNA sample that holds cyper. Julia acts surprised, but she is mortified deep down that someone knows about cyper and it's miraculous curing abilities. Eva admits that she and Mr. Burke; work for a large pharmaceutical company and she only applied for the job at school to get closer to cyper as she believes cyper can be used to end terminal illness. Eva says that the DNA sample is Julia's and she is shocked, but Eva asks Julia to join them and help them understand how cyper works as it is still inside of her bloodstream and working miraculously - Julia is the only source of activated cyper. She is extremely shocked but leaves, saying that she doesn't know how to help them but Eva asks Julia to consider her offer and asks her to keep everything between them. 

Drake reveals to Roman, what the Trags are planning to do about removing his markings and being on the outside. Roman says that it is too dangerous, though Drake says that he is being sent to a new city and that his look will be changed, as well as his cover. He says that he must tell Gloria that he is drawing out of the integration program and Roman says that it can't end like this. Drake says that he used to dream about escaping the prison he is in, but now he is being sent away to somewhere new and he will go through what Zoe did; the loneliness and the sadness will overcome him. Roman is determined to do something to help his best friend. 

At the Bug, Grayson is sitting by himself at a table; feeling hurt and betrayed when his father appears and asks whether he can sit. Grayson allows him to, and his father begs him to come home once again; as his mother is in prison without any bail to which Grayson responds that she is there because she is a terrorist. His Dad asks if he is still protecting the Atrians and Grayson says he is, against nutjobs like his father to which his Dad asks whether that 'big Atrian' was filling his head with lies. Grayson says that he doesn't even know Drake all that well, but his Dad says that they left the fundraiser together, along with Zoe - which he cannot remember as he woke up drunk, on the lawn. Grayson tells his Dad to stop putting all this on him as he has lied to him for years and his Dad stands up and says that Grayson can hate him all he wants, but the Atrians are not to be trusted. 

Roman goes to the Trags once again and Vega is surprised to see him, twice in one day. He says that Drake stopped by his pod and he sounded as if he was saying goodbye. Roman says he doesn't know what Vega's asking him to do but he begs her to release him from the imprisonment of her orders. Roman says he is in debt to her and Vega says that she will help him out if he releases Prisoner '337' from the crate and Roman is not sure how to do this but Vega says by the end of the feast tomorrow night; if he has the prisoner released, Drake is also free to stay. The prisoner is said to be a wrongly accused and imprisoned for something she didn't do. 

The next day, in the supply closet; Roman and Emery are sitting next to each other and Roman has his arm around her shoulders. He has just told Emery about the meeting with the Trags and how he has to make sure Drake is staying in the Sector. Roman says that Vega swore to him that the prisoner is not violent and Emery says that maybe Roman should tell Castor about what was going on as he could be able to help

Roman and Emery, talking in the supply closet.

Roman, but Roman says the Trags will kill Drake if they found out anyone knew about his mission. Emery says that Roman has an obsession for protecting people and Roman kisses her hand before saying he obsesses over protecting some people more than others - which is saying that he would protect Emery with his life. Emery says that Roman has no way of getting a prisoner out of the crate but Roman says that he has a plan. 

Grayson is in the cafeteria and he asks Eva about Zoe's disappearance to which she answers that he disappearance had been a real mystery; seeing as no one had contacted the school - the last time anyone saw her was Grayson's parent's fundraiser. Eva then sees Julia and asks whether she has thought about the offer, to which she replies that she is sorry but she cannot be apart of something that seems both right and wrong. Eva keeps persisting but Emery comes at the right moment and tells Julia they must get ready for the Sector and Eva tells them to go. 

Roman is in Gloria's office, apologizing for what he said earlier - he says that he is still part of the integration program and he will do anything to make sure it succeeds. Roman then pulls his favor on Gloria and tells her that she needs to release a prisoner from the crate, as it is in everyone's best interest. He does his best to convince her that it is Dinaskyu and releasing someone from the crate would be a huge milestone and would grant the Atrians the trust and comfort they need from the Humans. Roman says that he wants to trust Gloria and by doing this, it would be the first step forward into building a proper trust with each other and setting aside the whole part about Roman's father. 

Emery, Julia and Sophia enter the Sector; all dressed up and ready for the Dinaskyu feast, although Emery is very nervous about meeting Roman's mother. Castor tells her that his sister is intimidating but the surest way to an Atrian mother's heart, is by making her son very happy; which lets onto Castor admitting that he knows about Emery and Roman's secret relationship, but that their secret was safe with him because he was only happy that Roman had found someone to love. They come across a group of kids, holding fishing nets and one of the girls says that
Emery star

Emery showing a little girl, how to make a star.

her's is tangled to which Emery bends down to help. She twists the strings and causes the fishing net to become a star, which makes all the kids smile and Sophia comes to the realization that Emery is the one who saved Roman. 

Gloria goes with the guards from the crate to open prison '337,' who is a woman; half-collapsed on the ground with the heat of heat panels - these take away moisture from the Atrian's body to make them weaker. Gloria orders for the heat panels to be turned off, and she helps the woman up; she seems very old and shattered and Gloria calls her Soroya. Outside of the crate, Soroya sinks into a tub of water and stays under water for a long period of time and rejuvenates her skin and her body, only to come back up looking young and the markings on her skin glowing blue. 

At the wall of faces, Drake says goodbye to the picture of his mother. Back at Roman's pod, Castor holds out a bowl of water for all the guests to dip their hands into and mutters a few words to celebrate. He takes the bowl towards Maia, but she rejects it; by saying she does not want to touch it after those 'creatures' had. Roman is extremely upset with his mother, for being rude and hostile towards their guests. However, Emery gets up anyway; holding a 'Hisu' and walks towards Maia; thanking her for having them in her home, however, she does not accept the 'Hisu.' Sophia says that they have guests and Maia should be kind towards them but she says that they are not her guests. 

Back at the Trags, 'Hisus' are being handed to Vega and she accepts them kindly. Teri apologizes to Drake and says that she wishes she could do something to help him, but Drake says it is not her fault and gives Vega his 'Hisu.' Vega says that today, they honor Drake as he prepares to live amongst the enemy and they wish him luck, for leaving behind the things he loves so dear. Moving on, Gloria takes Soroya to her old pod and explains that the relationships between Humans and Atrians have changed since eight years ago and they are not so hostile towards each other. She leaves Soroya to get settled in and change for the feast but Soroya grabs something from her room and rushes out, diving over rooftops. 

Back at Roman's pod, Maia is refusing to come to the ceremony amongst all the other Humans as she cannot bear the thought of being near them. Roman, Castor and Julia head over to the ceremony, to prepare the feast and Emery stays with Sophia to clean up after their small gathering. After they leave, Maia gets up and tells Emery that she does not understand how her children can be so forgiving towards her, because she is nowhere near that close to accepting what her family did to her own. Maia says she will not rest until her children see Emery for what she truly is - the daughter of a murderer, to which Sophia yells to stop it. Sophia then reveals that Emery is the girl who saved Roman's life on arrival day and Emery is shocked to even know that Sophia knew about what she did. Maia is for once, taken aback and she sits down; feeling guilty about what she had said just before; though Emery is very sincere and leaves after saying that she does not want to keep Maia from her family. 

Soroya approaches Castor's pod and leaves behind a small bag, containing a silver object before running off. However, Emery stumbles upon
Atrian emery

Emery as an Atrian.

the silver object and it coils down her hand and causes her to collapse. She is taken to a whole new world, in her mind; where she is an Atrian and she is piloting a space ship. She is piloting and Soroya is beside her on the plane when Castor suddenly jumps onto the landing and shoots Emery. Emery wakes up once again, back to the real world. 

At the ceremony, Roman gives Castor a fishing net and the two embrace as Roman finally believes that Castor is a good person and he trusts him very deeply. As the two hug, Roman catches Gloria's eye over Castor's shoulder and she nods, saying that the prisoner has been released and Roman mouths a 'thank you,' in her direction. Emery gets up once again and she looks around, bewildered at what she had just seen. 

Grayson is at the bug, relaying video footage of the day of the Charity Ball where he was apparently found drunk on the lawn. The footage shows Drake and Roman, putting his body on the grass and looking around curiously as to whether anyone had seen what they had just done. They leave him there before running off and Grayson's face is a mixture of confusion and anger. He knows he is getting closer to the truth. 

At the Sector, Eva once again jumps upon an innocent Julia and asks her to reconsider her decision with the offer. However, Eva resorts to threatening Julia by saying that she could ask Mr. Burke to spike her father's drink and cause him to become infected with something deadly. She asks whether Julia would help her then and Julia asks her what the hell she wants. Eva asks how cyper got into her blood but Julia answers that she has no idea, in order to protect Roman from any harm, though Eva does not believe her one bit. Eva threatens to make sure that something will happen to Julia's father but Julia quickly says that she can tell her where cyper is growing - in the Sector. 

Back at the ceremony, Roman tells Drake that he does not need to worry about leaving the Sector because he took care of it. Drake asks how he did it, but Roman is summoned to meet with the dignitaries and he says that he will tell Drake later. Emery arrives at the ceremony and looks everywhere for Roman, but Julia grabs her and says that they must leave because she needs to check on her family and Emery promises they will but that she needs to find Roman, very quickly. Julia begs her to be quick. Roman invites Emery to meet with the dignitaries as well. 

Grayson is walking down a corridor, talking to his Dad on the phone and he says he is ready to return home once again. As he continues walking, he discovers a group of people; discussing the secrets of the Atrians and how the Humans aren't the only people with a hate group and that they should be more focused on exposing the Atrians rather than their own kind. However, at the ceremony; Maia arrives and smiles at Emery warmly and Emery realizes that she has won her over with saving Roman and Castor makes a toast that it is the first time they are celebrating Dinaskyu with guests. He toasts to every group of Atrian around the ceremony. 

Gloria arrives with Soroya, who looks beautiful with her blonde hair and her white dress. She asks where Nox is and Gloria replies that he was

Soroya - Drake's mother.

killed and that Castor was the new 'father of all atrians.' Soroya does not look pleased and Emery remembers Soroya from the vision she had had earlier, the one being that Soroya was piloting the ship alongside her. Castor catches Soroya's eye and he is shocked at the sight of her being there but she just smiles. Drake turns around to see what everyone is staring at and he freezes at the sight of Soroya, he gets up slowly and tries to remember whether that she was her. Soroya laughs and says 'My boy,' just as Drake says 'Mom?' and the two embrace deeply while Vega smiles at Roman and everyone is touched by the heart-warming moment. 

At the rooftop, Eva takes a cyper sprout and then she manages to wedge a whole bunch of cyper out from the ground, only to place it back. She calls Mr. Burke and tells him that cyper grows from the body of an Atrian and that he should have the bodies prepared to bury. The scene cuts to a shot of Mr. Burke, wheeling three bodies and whistling an ominous tune. 

After the ceremony, Roman and Emery go out back; where there is privacy and Roman kisses Emery, before pulling back and laughing quietly and then kissing her hand. He thanks her for being there for him and then asks her what she wanted to show him. She pulls out the silver object from her purse and asks Roman whether he knows what it is. He says it is similar to the black box of an airplane and asks where Emery got this

Roman and Emery discover that Castor is a traitor.

from. She says that she found it hanging on the door of Roman's pod, but accidentally activated it and was taken to a spaceship, which she was piloting. Roman says that when you activate the object, it gives you a clear view of what the pilot saw and felt as they were on the plane. Emery asks whether what she saw in the vision was all real to which Roman answers yes. 

Emery says that someone came up to the landing of the plane and shot the pilot. Roman is shocked and asks her who it was, only to be mortified by her answer that is was none other than the great Castor, himself. 


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Quotes Edit

- "Uh, if you'll excuse me, I have something to attend to before class." (Emery to Castor and Gloria when she spots Roman on the other end of the hallway.) 

- "I promise, it won't always be like this."  (Roman tells Emery as their kissing is interrupted by a weird noise from next door.) 

- "I always imagined my secret, romantic liaisons surrounded by.... buckets of bleach." (Emery teases Roman about their strange make-out destination.) 

- "Emery Whitehill, would you do me the honor... of joining me tomorrow night at the celebration of a holiday, that means... absolutely nothing to you?" (Roman inviting Emery to join him for Dinaskyu at the Sector.) 

- "Don't give me that crap about you, not having a family, man. Cos, you have us... and we're not going anywhere." (Roman telling Drake that he must spend Dinaskyu with him, because he is a major part of the family too.) 

- "But as far as being your dancing monkey or trusting you.... don't hold your breath." (Roman telling Gloria that he will do whatever it takes to make sure the integration program works, but will not trust her to do so.) 

- "Stop! As far as I'm concerned, everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie." (Grayson blows off at Emery once she breaks up with him.) 

- "You know, I used to dream about escaping this prison. To some place nice like Eljita, you know; with my family. Now I keep thinking about how Zoe was living, how lonely that must have been... pretending to be somebody else. It's just a different kind of prison." (Drake feels nostalgic about leaving the Sector as he tells Roman about what the Trags are planning for him on the outside.) 

- "But, I am telling you the truth Grayson. The Atrians are not to be trusted." (Grayson's father telling Grayson this, at the bug.) 

- "You have an obsession for protecting people, you know that?" (Emery tells Roman this, in the supply closet when he reveals how much he wants to protect Drake.) 

- "And I won't rest until my children see you as I do. The daughter of a murderer." (Maia yells accusingly at Emery during their Dinaskyu gathering at their pod.) 

- "Stop it! Emery is the girl who saved Roman's life on arrival day." (Sophia telling her mother the truth about what happened to Roman on arrival day.) 


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  • Antagonists: Castor (past) and Eva (present)
    • Vega served as a secondary antagonist in this episode.
  • Emery and Roman have finally become a couple (in secret).
    • Sophia also finds out that Emery saved Roman on Arrival Day. This wins her mother over to attend the ceremony after all.
  • Emery and Grayson break up in this episode.
  • Drake's mom is revealed and they reunite after 8 years. She got released from the Crate by Gloria at the request of Roman who did it at a demand of Vega.
  • Eva threatens Julia's father which is the second time we hear of him. Mrs. Benton forces her to cooperate in the project this way. Eva previously revealed she knew about Julia and her connection to cyper.

Production NotesEdit

  • This episode had about 0.95 million viewers in the USA.
  • Taylor did not appear in this episode.
  • Lukas did not appear in this episode.
    • This the first episode in which two main characters do not appear.

Body CountEdit

  • Unnamed Atrian Pilot (past) - killed by Castor, via gunshot
  • Three Unnamed Atrians (present) - possibly killed by Mr. Burke and Eva

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